“My Cousins are Fighting on Either Side…They Tell Me: ‘We Don’t Know Who To Shoot'”


Q and A Part One: with Russian Supermodel Kira Dikhtyar on the Personal Cost of the War in Ukraine on its One Year Anniversary

My readers may recall that I met Russian supermodel Kira Dikhtyar because of Jeffrey Epstein. Kira had met Epstein when she was just 17. A former Russian Olympic gymnast, she had come to New York for modeling work. Epstein considered her in a special category of models. A top tier. These were women he paid to hang around in his home or office to look decorative while he held meetings with Middle East potentates and US plutocrats. At the start of the war her work for Western clients dried up abruptly, even though she is a dual citizen. She went back to Moscow; and then “figured out” how to return to New York and make her situation work economically – more of which you’ll hear tomorrow.

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