I Say To Dems: A Bragg Indictment Of Trump Does You No Favors


Sam Nunberg, Trump's First Campaign Adviser, Explains Why the GOP Believes A New York Indictment Works Heavily To Trump's Advantage

Vicky: Sam, So if Trump is arrested and indicted, as he says he’s going to be on Tuesday, what does it do for him with the G.O.P? What does it do for him in the polls?

Sam: From a political point of view, particularly in the G.O.P primary, there will be a sharp uptick in support for President Trump.

We’ve seen this when there was the raid on Mar-a-Lago, his numbers went up immediately, even during the January 6th committee hearings, and then eventually they fell down….So, right now, nationally, he probably has anywhere from a five to 12 point lead over DeSantis who is slowly flailing. And I suspect that it could go up as high, as high as 20 points, maybe even higher.

Now, the reason being is that the G.O.P. will find something like this, as opposed to last year’s civil suit, to be an egregious miscarriage of prosecutorial discretion by a liberal elite D.A. The underlying facts of the crime are ridiculous. No politician ever gets in trouble for this… But what I would say to all your listeners, many of them who don’t like Donald Trump, many of them who believe that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, that Donald Trump could never go into the Oval Office, that Donald Trump committed many, many crimes: This DA Bragg has done you no favors with this indictment because it’s going to de-legitimize any other indictment coming down.

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