Sources Tell Me the Invisible Men from Jeffrey Epstein’s World Are Running Scared

What a controversial new lawsuit against JP Morgan might be hiding

Where Are The Men Who Should Be Held to Account?

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but the power structure that enabled him endures.

EXCLUSIVE: The *Real* Reason Jared Kushner was Given $2 Billion to Invest by MBS

The two-billion-dollar question is: Why would MBS invest in Jared Kushner?  Here’s my answer, according to three very well-placed sources with direct knowledge.

Where are the Russian Oligarchs? Ask Their Girlfriends, the “ROGs”

To find out what the oligarchs are really doing and thinking, I turned to what one might argue is the most reliable of source of what is really going on: the “ROGs,” my invented acronym for the “Russian Oligarch Girlfriends.”

What the New Yorker Got Wrong

I am releasing the transcripts of my conversations with Graydon Carter and Jeffrey Epstein to set the record straight about what happened leading up to the removal of the Farmers’ allegations from my 2003 Vanity Fair story.

An Exclusive First Look at “Chasing Ghislaine”

Vicky Ward’s new docuseries reveals previously off-the-record conversations with Jeffrey Epstein.

What Was the Real Relationship Between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates?

How a young neuroscientist became a connection between the Microsoft co-founder and the pedophile financier

Was Jeffrey Epstein a Spy?

The notorious financier pedophile told exaggerated stories of his time in intelligence circles — but some of those stories may have been, at least partially, true.

Chasing Ghislaine

In 2002, I was assigned what I thought would be a straightforward story: to find out where Jeffrey Epstein’s money came from. Very quickly, things got complicated. In “Chasing Ghislaine,” I unravel the threads of Epstein’s giant web—a web that remains intact even after his death. Coming to Audible July 15.

Discovery+ Orders Ghislaine Maxwell Docuseries From James Patterson

The project aims to offer insight into Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged accomplice via filmed interviews with more than 30 subjects.