Why is Israel So Slow to Support Ukraine? Ask Jared Kushner.


Three years ago, I published Kushner, Inc. In it, I told the extraordinary story of Jared Kushner’s foreign policy machinations—motivated, it appeared, less by national security concerns and more by the business concerns of the Kushner family’s real estate business, the priority of which was a trophy building with a $1.4 billion mortgage for which the debt was due in 2019, and thus the clock was ticking to find a foreign buyer who wanted to curry favor.

(Clearly Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, seems equally unaverse to trading in on his political connections abroad, but at least, unlike Kushner, he is not occupying any official capacity in this administration.)

Jared’s dabbling in U.S. foreign affairs, however, led to all sorts of new sucking up that—in the context of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia—looks even more remarkable (not in a good way) than it did at the time. Today, the U.S. is not even on speaking terms with of most Kushner’s best friends and now investors.

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