Who Does Donald Trump’s Indictment Help? Jared Kushner


The noise around Trump, again, drowns out a new report of his son-in-law's Middle East Dealings

You might have missed it, but Donald Trump was not the only very senior member of the Trump family to make headlines yesterday. Yes, Trump became the first American president to be indicted on criminal charges. But, in the midst of the brouhaha as that story broke, The New York Times published an important news story about Jared Kushner’s investments in the Middle East. Kushner, remember, is being investigated by Congress for the appearance of quid-pro-quo policy-making in the region while he was in the White House. (He has denied doing anything improper).

Yesterday, it was revealed that not only did Kushner receive investment from Saudi Arabia, after leaving the White House, but also from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Qatar, remember, is the state that was pressured by the Saudis and Emiratis in a blockade supported at first by the Trump White House – and then, around the same time that Jared’s dad, Charles, got bailed out of his financial difficulties…

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