Who Are Sarah and Omar Aljabri? In Photographs and in Words…


The personal stories of the two young political prisoners Jared Kushner said he couldn't help get released by MBS

Monday I told you the story of how, back in December 2017, Jared Kushner met with former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney in the Trump White House. Mulroney asked Kushner to speak to the Saudi Crown Prince, MBS about releasing two very young political prisoners, Sarah and Omar Aljabri, then only 17 and 18.

They had been placed under a travel ban and weren’t yet in prison, though that would come at 6am on March 16, 2020, when fifty plain-clothed officers arrived at their home in Riyadh in twenty unmarked cars and detained them.

The Aljabri’s father, Dr. Saad bin Khalid Aljabri, who had escaped to Canada as an exile, is considered an ally and a hero by US Intelligence.

But Kushner came back to Maloney a month later and said he couldn’t help get the Aljabri children released. Kushner said it was too difficult. The situation was “toxic”. Monday, I described the details of what is known about what happened after their arrest.

First, MBS texted Dr. Aljabri that he if he returned, he’d release them. Dr. Aljabri said MBS then sent a hit squad to assassinate him in Canada but it was foiled at the border. MBS denied this happened.

But three years later, in March 2020, days after MBS’s chief rival for the throne, Mohammed Bin Nayef [MBN] was “disappeared,” in Saudi Arabia, police came for Omar and Sarah. Their father had been MBN’s right-hand aide.

Their family hasn’t heard from them since. It’s been almost three years.

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