Where Are The Men Who Should Be Held to Account?


Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but the power structure that enabled him endures—and the 2022 Cannes Film Festival is Exhibit A that his activities continue without him

Ghislaine Maxwell is set to learn her fate this morning. If everything goes according to plan (see my coverage from yesterday about why it might not), she will be sentenced on three of the counts on which she was found guilty: sex trafficking, conspiracy, and transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in illegal sexual activity. The government has asked for a sentence of no less than 30 years. If Judge Nathan chooses to grant that, it will mean Maxwell will likely spend the rest of her natural life in jail.

Once sentenced, Maxwell will be the only person formally held to account for the crimes perpetuated—yes by her, but also by Jeffrey Epstein.

But I ask: Where are the men who should be held to account?

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