What Trump World Really Thinks About Last Night’s Jan. 6 Hearing


A former senior Trump campaign official says it wasn’t Pence’s security detail’s goodbye calls that bothered them, but the leaked videos of Trump’s speech rehearsal: “We didn’t know they still lived”

I’ve spent today talking to sources in Trump World about their reactions to the testimony in last night’s Jan. 6th hearing. I was particularly eager to see if I could corroborate reporting I saw last night on TV that some of the former President’s loyalists were shocked to learn that, in the midst of the attack on the Capitol, members of former Vice President’s security detail called their loved ones to say goodbye.

What I learned did not corroborate that reporting. In fact, what I learned was antithetical—and worse. I spoke to three people—one big donor and two campaign officials—who all said that the calls and texts in Trump world, according to these three people, had nothing to do with the safety of Mike Pence or his security detail. A very senior 2020 campaign official who agreed to talk on the condition of speaking anonymously told me there are two huge concerns buzzing on the phones of Trump World last night and today.

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