What I’d Ask Trump Trial Witness David Pecker:


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My takeaways so far from the Trump Trial:

We’ve had a worm’s eye view of the inner workings of two worlds: the first is that of America’s sleaziest tabloid, the National Enquirer, and the second is several meetings in Trump Tower, with an emphasis on goings-on in the office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney.

Both views are so-far through the lens of the first witness, David Pecker, the former CEO of American Media Inc, (AMI), the company that owned the Enquirer. Pecker – his real name – is a mustachioed man who appears to be literally and metaphorically dripping with grease.

(I’d forgotten, until this week, that I met him once, many years ago. He appeared in my kitchen in New York’s West Village, to ask if I would be interested in relocating to Florida and running one of his magazines. I gave him a cup of tea and politely told him “No”).

I’m not sure how he had gotten to me, but we’ve learned in the last few days that the National Enquirer can get to pretty much anyone given that its numerous “sources” were high-level and included Donald Trump. The businessman Ronald Perelman, bafflingly, is described in a throw-away line as a “client” of Pecker’s in the 1980s.

Client of what?

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