Ukraine War Special: Would You Get Pregnant Because Putin Promised To Pay Your Mortgage?


Supermodel Kira Dikhtyar Explains An incentive Behind Her Decision To Have A Russian Baby in the US.

Yesterday, I ran part one of my Ukraine War One Anniversary Special Q and A with the Russian American supermodel, Kira Dikhtyar, who has a cousin fighting for Ukraine and another fighting for Russia.

Today, in Part Two, Kira reveals that, after what felt like an impossible start, she has figured out how to work successfully in the US and, that she is 10-weeks pregnant with her second child. Her eldest son lives in Moscow. She explains that a huge incentive for the pregnancy was the fact that, last Fall, Russian President Vladimir Putin increased the value of his policy of Maternity Capital, as an effort to repopulate Russia following the death-toll from the war in Ukraine. Kira explains she will receive half a million Russian rubles for giving birth to her second son, as long as he’s born under the Russian flag, which can happen, even in the US.

The following is edited and condensed for clarity.

Kira: I’m ten weeks pregnant. Because of the increased numbers of men going to war, Putin increased maternity capital, especially maternity capital for the second child – to sky high numbers.

It happened right after the militarization started. I think three or four months ago, Putin made a statement that he raised the maternity capital, which in Russia already existed.[to combat falling population numbers.]

So basically for the first child you get a certain amount of money from the government. For the second child you get a large amount of money for the government. Same with the third child.

But because of the militarization Putin said when there were like 80,000 graves that came back from the war, he said that 80,000 graves is 200,000 unborn children demographically.

So he is really looking after the country, not only now but in the future. So if you have a second child you get half a million in Russian rubles, and you can use it for a mortgage on an apartment. So basically, you can get an apartment in Russia, like a two bedroom apartment for this kind of money, from the government to stimulate childbirth.

Vicky: Well first of all, are you planning to go back to Russia or are you going to stay here and have your baby?

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