The Royal Family’s Suprising Role Model? Fergie


How The Duchess of York's U-Turn Is An Inspiration

I was flicking through my news feed last night, and saw that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, or Fergie as all Brits still affectionately call her, was in the US, talking up her new novel, A Most Intriguing Lady.

I haven’t been paying much attention to the minutiae of the Fergie’s life so it took me a few mouse clicks to get up to speed and learn that she’s written several novels, and has a contract to write 20 more. She’s so successful she says she is now is in a position to support her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, with whom she lives.

The Queen’s corgis are now in her care. Think about what the enormity of that gesture shows. The Queen’s late husband banned Fergie from the house. But the Queen entrusted her with the creatures she loved most.

In one of Fergie’s TV interviews, I noted that she was generous about absolutely every member of the British Royal Family who came up in conversation. She didn’t dwell on the bad, she harped on the good. She said she was thrilled that Harry had found love as he deserved. She adores her ex-brother-in-law King Charles. The invitations to the Coronation have not gone out yet. If she’s not invited to the Coronation, she will pass the time eating coronation chicken. And sausage rolls.

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