The Problem With Netflix’s Scoop?


It Subtly Knocks Prince Andrew's Interviewer, Emily Maitlis

Over the weekend, I watched Scoop, Netflix’s take on the car-crash of a TV interviewgiven by Prince Andrew about the allegations concerning himself, Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre.

The movie was entertaining enough, but, for my money, it misfired on two subjects.

First, Prince Andrew himself. As played excellently by Rufus Sewell, the movie aptly captures the Prince’s vanity, frustrations and the bubble-wrap of privilege around him, giving rise to that disastrous interview. After which he announced he’d step back from his royal duties.

But let’s not forget that he wasn’t actually stripped of his royal titles and essentially exiled until years later, in 2022, and for something far more serious than pomposity. That’s something that does not get mentioned in Scoop. Namely that Ms. Giuffre sued him for sexual abuse when she was a minor and he settled with her for an undisclosed sum and it was THAT embarrassment, ahead of the Queen’s Golden Jubileecelebrations, that caused his death-knell.

For whatever reason Scoop doesn’t want to go there, a far darker place than the frills and furbelows of Buckingham Palace.

But the second thing I found deeply disconcerting – worse actually – were the not-so veiled digs at Emily Maitlis, the dogged News Night anchor whose persistence and penetrating, unflinching gaze were really what undid the Prince during that interview.

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