Sources Tell Me the Invisible Men from Jeffrey Epstein’s World Are Running Scared


What a controversial new lawsuit against JP Morgan might be hiding

We enter 2023 with yet more questions about Jeffrey Epstein. More pointedly, as I’ve asked before: Where are the men who should be held to account? There is no way Epstein acted alone. There is also no way that Ghislaine Maxwell was the sole player in an enterprise involving hundreds of women and reportedly lasting 30 years. What about the men who propped Epstein up, participating and enabling his sex-trafficking scheme, and yet whose names we may not know and who have never been held accountable?

The more that people look, the more invisible the men seem to become.

And as Ghislaine Maxwell—who almost certainly knows more than she has said publicly—sits in prison in Florida, I have been receiving calls from numerous people asking: Is she safe there?

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