Murdaugh Trial: Will The Sex Worker Testify?


Last summer SLED investigators spent hours with a former sex worker who described a horrible encounter with Alex Murdaugh

Where is Lindsey Edwards? That’s what sources say the increasing numbers of people watching the dramatic twists and turns of the double murder trial of South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh want to know.

Will prosecutors call her a character witness?

Edwards is a former sex worker who worked in Charleston, who gave a startlingly frank on-camera interview to local website, Fits News, last summer. This was after she’d been interviewed by SLED in connection to the Murdaugh case.

In her interview to Fits News, she described being choked by Alex Murdaugh during “servicing” him, one weekend when he was at a bachelor party at a resort called the Isle of Palms. She said she thought she was going to die. And that his violence had taken her unawares because beforehand, he’d been “gentlemanly”. He’d told her his name, what he did and they’d talked about “alcohol”. “My expectations were still pretty high…this shouldn’t be that bad,” she told Fits News founder, Will Folks. “But I was violently choked with both hands, being pinned down to the bed… I saw stars…”

Murdaugh wasn’t the only powerful person she’d seen compromised through her sex work. She told Folks she had a list of golfers, caddies, even a cop, she’d met through her Madam. Many of these people had done hard drugs and more. But before she released any names, other than Murdaugh, she vanished. The belief, a source says, is she moved.

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