March 8 is Critical in the Never-Ending Saga of Ghislaine Maxwell


March 8th will be a really important hearing in the never-ending saga of Ghislaine Maxwell, who, as my readers know, was convicted on five of six counts for aiding and participating in the sex trafficking and abuse of minors by the late Jeffrey Epstein.

As my readers also know, there is the chance that the trial could be deemed a mistrial.

This is all because Juror Number 50—who has asked to go by his first and middle names, Scotty David—gave media interviews after the verdict in which he said he was a victim of sexual abuse and had talked about that experience in the jury room. There had been at least two questions on the initial questionnaire for potential jurors asking if they or family members had suffered sexual abuse, and he said he could not recall how he had responded to either question. David is due in court on March 8th.

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