Low Maintenance Melania?


Why I Have The Perfect Wife: Trump In His Own Words

There has been much speculation about the private wife of the outspoken husband. Melania didn’t travel with Donald Trump to his indictment, and he didn’t thank her in his post-arrest speech (despite thanking his five children, including their own son Barron who he described as “smart and tall”). She’s given no public statement on the indictment, not even one as vanilla as Ivanka’s. In fact, Melania’s first social media post since early March was a zoomed in stock photo of a pink rose, with the caption “Happy Easter!” A source told People Magazine (of which, one suspects, she might possibly be a reader) that she just wanted to be left alone, that her husband’s political events “aren’t comfortable for her” and “she remains angry and doesn’t want to hear [the alleged hush money payment] mentioned.”

Yet on Sunday, she was spotted having Easter brunch with Donald Trump behind velvet rope inside the Mar-A-Lago ballroom.

It’s not the first time Melania has seemingly yo-yoed around her husband. Some famous examples:

She slept through the 2020 Election night.

She delayed moving to the White House in 2016 as leverage for negotiating a post-nup.

She swatted Trump’s hand away when walking down the red carpet to greet Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

If you are confused, well perhaps what follows is helpful:

I looked up an old Q & A I did in 2013 with Trump, in his then office in Trump Tower in New York. His desk was overflowing with papers. The walls were crammed with photos of himself. He described the secret of the success of his marriage to Melania, which might be paraphrased as:

She doesn’t bother me. She doesn’t interrupt my golf game or ask me to have dinner with her. Men whose wives force them to do things like that end up dumping them. I recently golfed with a bonehead who actually left on the 9th hole because his wife phoned and asked him to come home. What an idiot! Particularly because he’s not a good golfer, and he was playing well…

If you are really interested, you can read it in full at Vicky Ward Investigates. Just don’t shoot the messenger.