Lady Gaga Submits Resume to Philip Treacy, Prepares to Make Coffee

Just to show she is completely serious, pop icon Lady Gaga has just submitted her resume to London milliner Philip Treacy as part of her bid to intern for him this summer.

A spokesperson at Philip Treacy said the resume was serious but also “pretty funny” — and that though there are many requests from media outlets to see what’s on it, for now, Mr. Treacy, who makes Lady Gaga’s hats is staying mum. (Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she is 24).

Getting an internship with Treacy, 43, is no easy feat. “You need to have experience, and be very, very quick,” explains a spokesperson.

Gaga’s experience is obviously not of the conventional kind — her college major at New York University’s Tisch School was in music, not fashion — but no matter. “She really wants to learn fashion” says Treacy’s PR agent.

Is the London milliner worried that the internship could damage their friendship? That there might be a “blow-up” between two highly creative people?


“We’ll see.”

Gaga has agreed to take an intern’s wages — namely nothing for one month — and she is said to be “very very keen to learn the craft of making hats.”

“After all, Coco Chanel started out making hats,” the Philip Treacy spokesperson reminded me.


But did Coco Chanel ever make the coffee? Apparently coffee-making is definitely on Gaga’s list of duties while under Treacy’s employment. V

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