Jared and Ivanka Go for Global…


The couple has already run the country; now do they want the world?

Spurred by events both at home and abroad, the repositioning of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is moving at a pace beyond what I’d imagined last week.

In New York, Judge Arthur Engoron has ruled that Ivanka Trump will, in fact, have to testify under oath against her father in the civil fraud suit filed by the New York Attorney General Letitia James. (Today, her brother Don Jr. is expected to start to give testimony).

Ivanka’s public response to the news, so far, has been to post smiling birthday photographs of herself in her new $24 million home wearing a short pink dress surrounded by her children, and husband.

She showed off the birthday flowers she’d received. Not just a few flowers. But a florist’s worth.

The messaging is effective.

Donald who? Real estate business what?

The pictures show that she’s her own person, with her own family and life. Her last name might be Trump, but for right now she self-identifies as all Kushner.

And – incidentally – that means very, very rich. Along with the sumptuous new home, the children are styled in matching clothes; there are catered dinner parties al fresco, and so on….

Lawyers I’ve spoken to are not surprised that her lawyers did not fight Judge Engoron’s decision. To fight the issue further might have signaled something that’s in direct contrast to all her Instagram posts, namely that she has something to hide.

What lawyers for the Attorney General almost certainly want to ask her when she testifies next week is who was involved in deciding the Trump Organization’s inflated valuations (from which, the judge has said, she has benefitted).

Bear in mind Trump’s answer to this has already been: “I didn’t get involved in it very much.”

So, you can already hear the lawyers asking: Who did, Ivanka? Who made those decisions?

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