Defense Attorney in the Alex Murdaugh Trial Who Pulled Gun on Me Does Same To Prosecutors…Who Are Not Amused


More Mayhem in the Murdaugh Murder Trial

Forgive me for going down memory lane a second time this week, but some stories are too good not to get a second run.

Case in point the propensity of Dick Harpootlian, the State Senator and colorful lead defense attorney for South Carolina Lawyer, Alex Murdaugh, to whip out a gun in unusual circumstances. I’ve reported that he did exactly this eighteen months ago when I was sitting across from him on the side of his desk in his office in Columbia, SC, as I shall I remind you below.

He did it again Tuesday in court as the defense winds up in the double homicide trial that has riveted the country. He pointed a .300 Blackout at prosecutors and muttered “Tempting”. The court, other than prosecutors, exploded in laughter. Harpootlian then got on with explaining that he was demonstrating that Murdaugh could not have shot his wife and son because whoever did shoot them must have been taller, in order to hold the gun at the correct angle.

What Harpootlian is doing is as clever as it is darkly funny.

When he opened his desk drawer and took out a handgun in the middle of our interview, I was so shocked and bemused, that I almost forgot the question I’d just asked him, which was: How had the person whom Alex Murdaugh arranged to shoot him at close range, missed?

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