Concern for Ponzi Ponies

For all those worried about the hundred or so valuable show ponies stabled in North Salem by alleged fraudster Paul Greenwood and his wife Robin, let me give them an update – with hopefully another to come.

After Greenwood, 61, and his partner Stephen Walsh were arrested last month for allegedly siphoning off $500 million from Greenwood’s money management Group, Westridge, all assets were frozen, barring those on the payroll of his business.

Many locals up in North Salem were worried for Greenwood’s horses, because it was assumed the heating in their state-of-the-art barns would be switched off.

“These animals cannot survive outside,” I was told.

Alarmingly, the night before I was due to air my report on CNBC on Friday February 20th, the animals vanished.

So I rang one of the SEC lawyers whose name is listed on the complaint against Greenwood and Walsh. The lawyer’s name was David Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld was astonished at first. “No one has called me about the horses,” he said, but nonetheless he assured me that he would look into the matter and make sure the horses were all right. “You came to the right person at the SEC. I’m an animal lover,” he said.

Like many, I read the report in the New York Post today claiming that the horses were missing and unaccounted for. So I have left a further message with Mr. Rosenfeld to check on their status. I will keep everyone posted when I hear back.

I find it hard to believe that anyone could disagree, that while the alleged perpetrators of a Ponzi scheme should pay, innocent creatures should not. V

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