Chattering Class

Vicky WardGuest commentators on the financial cable shows tend to be shouty men in striped shirts. But a rather different face has been showing up on CNBC lately, one that’s familiar to New York’s social and media types: Vicky Ward, Talk magazine survivor and current Vanity Fair contributing editor. Ward credits her new gig as a talking head to “stalking” the channel’s senior VP, Jonathan Wald, whom she met through mutual friend Dan Abrams. (“You can never know enough people,” she counsels.) So far, the blond Brit (wait, this is CNBC, not Fox News, right?) has sounded off on everything from the declining newspaper business to the booming call-girl industry—the latter is becoming a bit of a journalistic obsession for the writer, who has profiled Jeffrey Epstein and the D.C. Madam. Speaking to Ward about what it’s like to appear on TV, was quick with the tough questions: What’s it like, for example, sitting through all that hair and makeup? “The traditional helmet hair and power-shoulders look is far behind us,” she said, sounding relieved. “But I’ve learned that what looks great in real life can be horrendous on camera. I’ve worn the same dress about five times, as it was the only thing in my wardrobe that I realized worked.” Now it seems all she needs is one of those catchy television nicknames, though we hear Money Honey is already taken. —

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