As Jared Plots World Domination, Ivanka Seems to Have Settled into Floridian Retirement


What the heck is going on with Ivanka Trump in Miami?

A small item today, but I promised you I’d share all things great and small, so here it is.

What the heck is going on with Ivanka Trump in Miami?

I don’t mean just the bizarre photographs of Ivanka’s hair last week. One moment, on Wednesday of last week, she was photographed leaving the salon with it cut into a bob that was pulled back.

Just days later, if you looked at her Instagram, she miraculously had her usual look: hair down past her shoulders.

Okay, so she may wear hair extensions, whatever. No problem with that.

But the photographs of her very-quickly-evolving hairstyle emphasize a bigger story.

While she had her shorter look, she played golf at the very waspy (and, reputationally, antisemitic) golf club, the Everglades. Then, apparently—at least according to photographs in the Daily Mail—she and Kushner had people over to their swank apartment in Miami. And then, the next day, apparently, she got her long hair back.

I couldn’t help but think about the extraordinary extremes Ivanka’s ambitions, like her hair, have seemingly swung between.

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