“A major lesson for us is that this 2020 nonsense has got to stop.”


Former Trump political consultant Sam Nunberg on what the midterms tell us about the political path forward

Like many, I found last night’s midterm results somewhat perplexing. I know that many commentators have said that regardless of who wins the Senate, the results are a rejection of Trump and an endorsement of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, but is it that simple?

I asked Trump’s first political consultant, Sam Nunberg, who worked on the Trump 2016 campaign—and who also lives in Florida—for his take. My readers will be familiar with Sam by now, and what he said was fascinating.

The most urgent message, in Sam’s view, was the GOP has got to stop talking about the 2020 election and “move on.”

The second is that, yes, DeSantis could beat Trump in Iowa—but not if Trump gets indicted…

You can listen here or read below for a transcript of our conversation at “Vicky Ward Investigates.”